PQC student can benefit from volunteering

Dallas can be a place of opportunities or misfortunes depending on the way its viewed. At Paul Quinn College it’s seen as being a great opportunity to practice being a servant leader, helping those that most view as being misfortunate. It is, for this reason, it would be beneficial for Paul Quinn to consider partnering with United Way because they offer many opportunities of which the students will not only be afforded the opportunity help the community, but they will also be allowed the opportunity to exercise a various skill that’s a needed in the workforce. The great thing about this program is that anyone can sign up to participate in their events. This is very beneficial because it will give students the opportunity to practice being servant leaders. No one can force anyone to become a servant leader, that person must choose to be that leader. The student should be allowed the opportunity to choose if they want to participate in this amazing opportunity to be leaders. The dedication of those students will prove that they are willing to sacrifice, which is a great trait to have as a leader.


Ron Finley’s Two important fact that will help change the economy

There are two points I found to be important in the Ted Talk that will not only improve the community, but also assists in changing the people. The two points include “Changing the composition of the soil”, and lastly “food is the problem and food is the solution” (Ron Finley).  There are times when it seems like communities are only getting worst, yet no one is doing anything to promote change and economic development. Not meaning they must go building skyscrapers, but literally help the community. After watching the Ted talk starring Ron Finley, I understood that everyone can assists in improving their economies. The first point, Finley talked about changing the composition of the soil. In which he described the importance of striving to change the people, and in changing the people the economy will become better. The symbolism he used was expiring. In which he said that the people are the soil, and one can assume if the people are the soil than the economy is the plant. It’s impossible to change the economy if you don’t change it soil. Secondly to change the people there must be opportunities. People cannot change if they are obligated to eat unhealthily. Finley describes the significance of “food being the problem and food also being the solution”. Food is something that everyone needs to literally live, but when the food options are unhealthy so are its consumers. This point is important, because it depicts the importance of providing healthier food options to the community. In conclusion, change is something that is always progressing. Therefore, it is not only important to always consider the composition of the soul before trying to change the outcome of its instability, but consider how the food can become the solution, instead of allowing it to be the problem.

Should Section 8 Housing test for Marijuana usage?

AbuseSection 8 Housing should test for Marijuana usage. To often are children suffering from their parent’s habitual usage of Marijuana, and countless numbers of people endanger themselves by dealing marijuana with people with criminal backgrounds. It is for this reason that marijuana should not be allowed in Housing under section 8. Firstly, children suffer everyday due to their parents over usage of Marijuana. These children are not only the ones that get neglected, but they are often subject to abuse. Therefore, it’s impossible to raise children under the influence of Marijuana, or any drugs. Secondly, hundreds of people die everyday from drug deals gone wrong. It takes no time for a person with a criminal background to change his or her mind on a deal. They often end with that person turning and shutting that person they feel they can’t trust with their money. Section 8 housing has hundreds of families depending on its safety with their children, and families to allow one person’s failure to abode by the rules to endanger all its residents. Its detrimental if Section 8 Housing does not test for Marijuana usage. In conclusion, section 8 housing should test for the usage of Marijuana to ensure the safety of it residents.

Three foods my family believes is most essential when it comes to having family dinners.

There are three dishes that my family can not go without, which are often prepared during the holiday seasons. My family believes that with great food such as Barbecue, Cornbread Dressing, and homemade deserts such as Peach Cobbler all are satisfied. 


At every family get together, there’s always one or all the three dishes that seems to appear on the dining table. The one dish that I never saw absent of the table is the freshly grilled barbecue. Reason being my family loves to compete to see who makes the best barbeque. At the end of every competition somehow everyone leaves laughing with full stomachs. Besides the barbecue, there’s always that one dish that my family cannot go without during the holidays, thanksgiving. Cornbread dressing, reason being is that my family sees Cornbread Dressing as a must have especially during thanksgiving. Mom’s always the one who personally go’s out the way every year, to make sure her Dressing has no flaws! Lastly, no dinner is complete without dessert. This is something my family specializes in making, that’s including myself. At every family gettogether, there’s always that one section overloaded with Homemade desserts. I have to say everyone’s favorite is mom’s Homemade Peach Cobbler. Peach Cobbler is always that one dessert, that everyone fights over getting the last portion. Despite every “Food argument”, in the end, the person who gets it most of the time ends up sharing it. In conclusion, with every dish that is made, there is always a favorite. My family has decided on what ours will be, Barbeque, Cornbread Dressing, and Peach Cobbler.

When it comes to notable problem in Dallas , there are two specifically I would love to see fixed.

When thinking about the city of Dallas, and all that can be done to improve it there are two things that come to mind that I believe must be addressed. That’s including both the increasing homeless population, and the flawed housing system.  If it was left to me these are the two major problems I feel need doable solutions starting with the increasing homeless population. Reason being that it seems that more and more people are losing their jobs, leaving them with no source of income. Something  most fell to understand, is that once someone becomes homeless most lose everything they were once making payment on. Therefore, it become harder for the homeless to pursue and obtain careers. While homelessness is a major problem in Dallas, I must not fell to mention the flawed housing system. Which is designed in a way to keep the poor in poverty, and the wealthy getting wealthier. Reason being that the people who oversee the government housing programs in Dallas charge rent based on everyone’s income. Meaning that if you don’t make much you get charged less, on the other hand, if you start to make a little more your rent increases as well. This may seem like a great plan, but for only those who desire to stay in housing their entire life. Therefore, those who are trying to progress towards owning their own house cannot, because they are being forced to pay extremely high rent. At the end of the day, the only money they have left over after being charged for rent is barely enough to feed themselves, their families, and pay other bills. This means they cannot put back money towards saving for that house, and their chances of getting out of poverty are hanging from a small thread. In conclusion I feel that   homelessness and the housing system needs to not only be addressed but solved. Meaning, its easy to make a solution without regards to following through on pursuing those.


DMX rap.

I personally think that the lyrics from the rap “Prayer” is to encourage people who face struggles in life. Dmx uses beliefs from his life, and what he knows about God to encourage people to do their best.
Dmx’s rap has made some encouraging points. in which he has encouraged people who face struggles. In this rap DMX says,”I come to you hungry and tired, you give me food and let me sleep” People are facing difficulties in their lives this helps them to understand that they are not alone.in conclusion, he uses his beliefs and what he knows about God to encourage people.

It’s unethical for rappers to be Christ.

It is unethical for Rappers to display themselves as Jesus on their album covers. The reason being that it is disrespectful to the people who loves and believe in Jesus. The bible also teaches against people changing the image of God to look like a person of unrighteousness. It is disrespectful that Rappers are displaying themselves as Jesus. Rappers take away from the seriousness of Christ’s death when they choice to make themselves Jesus.Therefore taken  away from what so many have taken seriously. In addition, the Bible speaks on this disrespect. The disrespect that you can live a life opposite to Jesus teachings then displays yourself as Him. In conclusion, the Bible says, ”And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.” (Romans 1:23 KJV)


It is unethical for Sarah to not announce this serious problem.

It is immoral for Sarah to perceive her former coworkers are being overworked and yet say nothing to the government, this can lead to a series of health problems on the coworkers, as well as put the company out of business. It is unethical for her to say nothing seeing her once coworkers being overworked. Sarah can get in serious trouble with the government as well as the company, or worst she can be sued. she would be sued for knowing the problems and yet not reporting it. Further, employees being overworked causes health problems, in which the employee can potentially have heart attacks or die. In conclusion, overworked employees could lead to the company demise, or Sarah losing her position.

Rachel selling a potentially harmful product is unethical.

I believe that it’s unethical for Rachel to ship a product that she knows can damage her customers, she will lose more customer from sailing this product than she would if she did not sale it, on the other hand, her competitors will gain her customers. Firstly, she will lose more customer by selling the product than she would if she did not sail it. Reasons being, her customer will lose trust in her because she sold them a product knowing that it can potentially harm them. Therefore, she can potentially get sued, and lose her business. In conclusion, she will lose her customers, because she decided to sell a product knowing that it could potentially harm her customers.


Jesus, black or white. My belief on knowing Gods race.

I believe the race that Jesus was, is impertinent when it comes to our salvation because Jesus was everything that everyone needed, He loved everyone regardless of their regional status, and flaws. I believe that knowing the lord’s race is not important, especially when it comes to salvation. Furthermore, in Luke5:23 Jesus declares that “he has come to bring sinners to repentance”. He did not label a race, nor did He say only my race is going to heaven. Jesus was everything that everyone needed, Psalms 68:5 says that he is a “father to the fatherless”. He defined what true love is.
Jesus loved everyone regardless of their regional status.1 John 4:8 declares”anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” in conclusion the race that people depict Jesus as is not important because knowing, or not knowing will not determine if they’re going to hell or not.